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« Ikoria - Singles available! »

Order those big monsters now! ;-)

« Gamegenic - Premium Deckboxes! »

Gamegenic is reinventing gamers essentials and their new premium material is receiving high grades from Tolarian Community College!
Must have for serious gamers!

Convertible Watchtower 100+Convertible Stronghold 200+

« Fewer Commander decks available at launch due to COVID-19 printing slowdown »

On Weekly MTG, Wizards says that there will be fewer Ikoria Commander (Commander 2020) decks at launch than usual due to COVID-19 printing slowdowns. They will ramp printing back up once the printers are back online.
We will only receive 25% of our initial pre-order as far as we can tell at this moment and as such are not able to fulfil all pre-orders made at this point. You will receive a communication about what this means for your specific order! We do apologise to everyone impacted.
See this snipped from Weekly MTG where they announce this situation.

« Ikoria Rescheduled for May 15 in NA, EU, and LATAM »

In response to COVID-19, Wizards has made a number of announcements and policy changes.
Stores, distributors, and fulfillment centers around the world are all adjusting to the disruption of COVID-19, and we too must adjust. Ikoira’s new launch date is May 15th, 2020 in North America, Europe, and LATAM.
WoTC Official Communication

« Communication Coronavirus (COVID-19) -- No collection possible »

Due to the current evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic we will only be able to offer shipments and no longer accept collections locally. No exceptions possible.
Thank you for your understanding.
Stay safe!

« Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - PREORDER »

Welcome to Ikoria: a brand-new world of monsters for Magic: The Gathering.

« PREORDER Mystery Booster Displays »

Huh, what is this mysterious thing?
We have all played weird and fun Draft formats now and then. They can be wild, they can be serious, and often they are, above all, an absolute blast to play. Drafts where anything can happen are some of the best play experiences Magic has to offer.
Enter Mystery Booster! Available now for preorder!