Buy List

Cards are Near Mint and English!
Mythics/Rares = Max 8 copies per card.
Uncommons/Commons = Max 12 copies per card.
Extra copies at 70%
Prices are for store credit (€), which can be used to buy singles only.

Bulk Prices
Mythic @ 0.25 ; Rare @ 0.10 ; Uncommon @ 6.00 / 1000 ; Common @ 3.00 / 1000
We do not accept the following as bulk Rares: Unhinged, Time Spiral purple "Timeshifted", Chronicles U1's, Fallen Empires U1's, or Homelands U1's. Any sent in will be counted as bulk Uncommons!
This is still in beta-testing. I reserve the right to cancel any deal, if I deem it necessary.